Tailored Training

The Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD) is dedicated to promoting Tailored Training in the field of diplomacy and international affairs.

In response to the current economic situation and increased local interest the GSD has developped a range of short courses and seminars for students and professionals in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, combined with the reality of diplomatic skills and practice.

Our courses, programmes and seminars are specifically designed for individuals, institutions and organizations to intersect and effectively engage with the economic and social challenges of local, national, regional, continental and global contexts. The training includes the imperatives of economic growth and development; the ability to compete globally, job creation and reduction/elimination of unemployment and poverty; the effective delivery of social services. The intended learning outcomes focus encompass the imperatives of equity and redress; social justice; the democratisation of state and society, the building of a culture of human rights, creating a vibrant civil society, and promoting a culture of vigorous and critical intellectual public discourse.


GSD is excited to announce that it's annual Winter School will be taking place Monday February 9th to Friday February 13th, 2015. This one week Tailored Training Programme will explore the Management of International Organizations and NGOs. Further details and programming will be available shortly.