Diplomatic Training

The Geneva School of Diplomacy (GSD) provides the Geneva-based diplomatic and foreign-policy communities with a diverse range of services that include a series of lectures, discussions, short tailored made programmes and debates on pressing issues of international concern, as well as study groups that undertake sustained research and analysis on developments in regional and global affairs.

We develop training modules on the basis of our clients’ needs. Courses can either be thematic or skills oriented, in-situ (at the invitation of our partners) or at our own premises here in Geneva, which is a major center for international cooperation. While relying on the expertise of our faculty, which includes world renowned professors, statesmen, stateswomen and ambassadors, we develop a methodology which is experience-sharing and practice oriented and courses are designed carefully to address cross-cutting issues and give a global understanding of the theme or skills at hence.

Drawing on, collectively, many decades of experience in training and diplomatic and international affairs, the faculty of the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations offers a range of training courses and capacity-building programmes.

Target Audience

  • Each training programme is developed specifically for the needs of the applying group.
  • Groups of advanced students pursuing a career in international relations.
  • Groups of diplomats and personnel from diplomatic missions.
  • Groups of employees of governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Groups of executives from public and private corporations.
  • Groups of journalists and press attachés.

Distinct Advantages

  • Professional “hands-on” training programmes.
  • Privileged location in the heart of the most diplomatic neighborhood on the planet.
  • Instruction delivered by renowned diplomats, experts and academics in the field.
  • Mediated and experiential learning.
  • Flexible format compatible with professional work schedules.


  • Integration of concepts and practice.
  • Engagement of practitioners and senior-level experts.
  • Facilitate interaction with diplomatic experiences and skills.
  • Organise encounters with key actors.
  • Promotion of networking and professional contacts.
  • Practical instruction techniques.
  • Visits to UN Missions.


  • Humanitarian Issues in Forced Migration
  • Histories of International Conflict
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Conflict & Security
  • Global Governance & International Organization
  • EU Politics and the Role of Organized Civil Society
  • Diplomatic Law
  • Development: Theory & Practice
  • Development Economics


These programmes can be delivered on one-to-one basis. Group sessions can be facilitated in January or June of every year.


The tuition fees are CHF 4 500, plus a CHF 300 registration fee.


For further information, please contact us at: emir-dir@genevadiplomacy.com